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The group insurance plans that we offer consist of a variety of different benefits for small to medium-sized businesses and their employees. From life, extended health, and dental, to disability and critical illness coverage, we can tailor the offerings to suit the specific needs of your business. Our partnerships with Canada’s top-class third-party providers help us ensure affordability, reliability, and less volatility in pricing for our customers. Whether you are an established small or medium-sized business, or you are just starting your entrepreneurial journey, the group insurance plans we offer enable the same benefits that large organizations enjoy.

Learn more about our group health insurance coverage for small & medium-sized businesses.

Our Group Insurance Solutions

Traditional Group Insurance

A classic leverage used by employers to attract and retain quality talent, traditional group insurance enables group plan members to get health insurance at reduced rates, while the employer offers a co-payment for the premium amount. Basically, traditional plans are administered by the insurance company, and you get all the services from the same provider. SCORE Financials Services specializes in Group Insurance for small to medium-sized businesses.

Third-Party Administrators (TPAs)

As known as Administrative Services Only (ASO), a third-party administrator processes insurance claims and aspects of the employee benefits plan for a separate entity. For small and mid-sized businesses, there are several advantages in partnering with a TPA to ensure the success of your benefits program. Maximum Benefits is a TPA which allows you to select your benefits and insurers, along with the option of self-funding or being fully insured.

Our Featured Group Insurance &
Employee Benefits Products

Chambers Plan

Enabling you to enjoy the same benefits as your larger counterparts, the Chambers Plan is a simple, stable and smart group insurance plan, managed by the Johnston Group. Besides custom coverage and rate stability, the Chambers Plan ensures guaranteed approval, fast, accurate payments and flexibility to control cost and coverage.

chambers emp


A rare offering for companies with fewer than 50 employees, Maximum Benefit’s Administrative Services Only (MAX ASO) can help you bypass the insurer and get hassle-free services for your group insurance plan. You control what you pay and do not need to give a float to MAX ASO for starting the program. MAX ASO pays out your employees’ claims directly and bills you interest-free for the claim cost with a fully-transparent administrative fee.


The Edge Benefits

Offering the same efficiencies and simple administration as traditional group benefits insurance providers, The EDGE Benefits is well-suited to the needs of small to mid-sized businesses. Comprehensive and customizable plans, ease of access, and consistent customer support throughout the client lifecycle are some of the hallmarks of the EDGE Benefits plans.


Whether this is the first time you are exploring group health insurance coverage plans for your business or you are looking at renewing or switching your current plans, get in touch with the knowledgeable team at SCORE Financial Services, your group benefits broker in Quebec & Eastern Ontario. We can help you with simple, tailor-made solutions matched to your business needs.

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