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Injury Insurance Only


Should you become injured and unable to continue working, you will be covered and able to continue paying your personal expenses, as well as those of your business.

Advantages of Edge

-Can be issued between the ages of 18 and 69

-Coverage terminates at age 75

-Guaranteed issue with no medical questions

-Accident Medical Treatment Benefit

-Tax-free benefit

-Higher benefits

-Rates will not increase due to usage

-Top up WCB / WSIB for maximum coverage


Injury & Illness Insurance rates
Note: Rates shown are for a 30-day waiting period on injury only
coverage up to age 70.
* Rates updated as of January 27, 2021

Injury and Illness Insurance


Did you know that illness is 6 times more likely to be the cause of disability than accidents? If you purchase or have purchased the injury insurance, you may be eligible to subscribe to the illness coverage offered to people between the ages of 18 and 64. This coverage ends at age 70.

For more information on The Edge Benefits injury only coverage and injury and illness coverage, please contact us.

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