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Leibish & Co. A Expertise en diamants colorés pour des bagues de fiançailles ou des cadeaux d’anniversaire Extraordinaire

The small variation: if you should be trying to find a distinctive gemstone or special wedding present, Leibish & Co. provides a strong supply of top-notch, colourful, and conflict-free diamonds and gems. The family-run business has been running online since 1998 with an individual touch who has generated perform business worldwide. Leibish & Co. allows you purchase free stones or perhaps to make use of their no-cost « Design your very own » tool to carry your own ideal bit of jewelry to life. With years of expertise and solid workmanship under its belt, Leibish & Co. is on the brink of increasing the stock to watches and other extras.


When Leibish Polnauer launched 1st on line diamond business in 1998, it took nearly the full day to publish a single image and description to his web site — but he had been a visionary just who watched possible when you look at the fledgling realm of ecommerce. « When he sees the potential in an idea, he’ll fit everything in in his capacity to progress with it, » said Benji Margolese, Director of information Marketing for Leibish & Co.

Leibish created a successful, family-run process together with wife and children serving in leadership roles. They’ve cultivated a fruitful web business with workplaces located worldwide. Leibish & Co. is actually a leader in distinctive colored diamonds and gems which can be difficult to find somewhere else. The diamonds may conflict-free, in fact it is an important factor for all buyers.

« People reach you since they search for one thing some different, one thing a tad bit more special than the rest of us has, » Benji stated.

While Leibish & Co. supplies high-quality old-fashioned expensive diamonds, the firm focuses on colorful, unique jewellery. Whenever asked the reason why the business provides these types of a high buyer return rate, Benji quickly pinpoints the reason.

« It’s a combination of exemplary services and products, great service, and jewelry crafted for the highest amounts of excellence, » the guy said. « The jewelry we make isn’t your everyday, mass-produced form of product. Each piece is actually tailor-made to perfectly fit the diamond or gem stone picked of the customer. »

Children Affair With Personal Service

Leibish & Co. is a real family company, with Leibish’s family unit members playing essential roles inside company.

Leibish functions as Founder and chairman for the business, while their wife, Rosi, is the business’ Events management. Their unique eldest daughter, Chavi, functions as the Lead Jewelry Designer — which can be an enormous duty since custom precious jewelry comprises more than 50per cent of organization’s business, Benji mentioned.

Leibish’s eldest boy, Yossi, is the Chief Executive Officer of Leibish & Co. Another child, Shmulik, that is a graduate of Gemological Institute of The usa, may be the fundamental Diamond Buyer the organization. « Shmulik is, genuinely, certainly a lot of talented shade diamond experts in a, » Benji said.

Leibish’s son Itzik could be the organizations COO and operates the ny company on Fifth Avenue. Yoni, who’s the youngest of Leibish’s five youngsters, will be the business’s CFO.

« as among the longtime members of the team, i will tell you that, however, there isn’t any relationship, they start thinking about myself, and others, element of their family, » Benji said. « each of us bring our very own expertise on company, but work together to regularly develop the company. »

Customers are additionally treated like family members at Leibish & Co., where in fact the company invests power into individual solution and revenue. « if you’ve ever addressed one particular representative, including, this is the exact same person you’ll usually manage, it doesn’t matter what you are contacting or creating in approximately, » Benji said. « We don’t trust passing clients to different departments if they have a question or certain concern they wish to manage. »

Consumers originate from throughout the World

Leibish has multiple several types of clients: there are customers, exactly who largely shop through web site, retailers, and people for the trade company, whom usually go to the business’s major workplaces in nyc, Israel, and Hong Kong.

The majority of Leibish & Co.’s customers are through the U . S .. Its then most well known audience is Canada, accompanied by the United Kingdom, Australia, Hong-Kong, plus the remainder of Europe.

Clients at each and every stage of life shop at Leibish & Co., though the majority are between your many years of 35 and 54, Benji said. Moreover, the company garners approximately 300,000 internet site check outs every month — and helps to keep almost all of its consumers returning.

« along with a 70percent return client score, we continue to be being among the most well-known organizations inside our niche, » he mentioned.

Colorful Diamonds & Gemstones With a « Design your » Option

Leibish & Co. stocks high-end jewelry, but also preserves inventory flexibility, particularly for on line clients, Benji said. The organization offers countless loose diamonds and priceless gemstones, but the key goods are personalized precious jewelry productions.

« We keep extreme number of multicolor diamond and gem stone jewellery, with some of rarest hues previously viewed, » the guy mentioned. « We are recognized best by our very own bread-and-butter items — yellow diamond and red diamond wedding rings. However, we offer expensive jewelry of almost every tone, and priceless gems — such as sapphires, emeralds, and rubies. We offer jewellery crafted with colorless diamonds, as well, but our knowledge is within the field of color. »

For consumers with one thing planned and want help rendering it possible, Leibish & Co. offers a « Design your » jewelry instrument, which Benji said is actually their preferred item.

« Naturally, when shopping for a particular part, people often wish specific rocks and placing styles they’ve already dropped deeply in love with, » the guy stated. The « Design a » instrument makes it possible for customers to build an item using the material, setting, and material of these choice.

« it permits these to bring their desires your — with these expertise in craftsmanship, » Benji informed us.

Add-ons & unique on the web Tools waiting for you for Leibish & Co.

since it appears toward the long run, Leibish & Co. is actually gradually moving toward higher-ticket products and a lot more item assortment. The business seems comfortable branching out over new product lines due to the commitment and enthusiasm it pertains to finest its current productions.

« There is spoken of introducing a lot of different add-ons — such deluxe watches, handbags, and even pencils, » Benji mentioned. « But we chose to wait until we initially perfected the primary collection of item, and is diamonds. »

Leibish & Co. normally searching for ways to continue mastering their popular website, also. A good way it plans to improve their on-line experience is through presenting augmented real life features, which will provide virtual consumers a lot more of an in-store experience.

As a business with its origins in colorful expensive diamonds and e-commerce, Leibish & Co. will continue to innovate in a conventional market which views change since the exclusion, not the guideline.

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