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Long Term Disability Insurance Conversion Products

The COVID-19 pandemic has touched our lives in many ways including unprecedented levels of unemployment.  Many people will be left with minimal or no long-term disability benefits provided under their severance agreements because group insurers are generally not willing to extend coverage past the statutory notice period.

We can help under such circumstances.

Transition LTD is a Solution

Designed to protect white collar and executive employees against the catastrophic consequences of a long-term and potentially career-ending illness or injury during a career transition period, Transition LTD can provide up to $10,000 per month of disability coverage during such a transition period.

Transition LTD Can Protect Employees and Employers

Transition LTD may be purchased by the employee or the employer and offers potential benefits for both parties:

  • Employeescan protect themselves against the consequence of a serious injury or illness.
  • Employerscan provide LTD coverage as part of a severance package and reduce the potential liability if the employee were to suffer a serious illness or injury during the severance period.

Legal precedents indicate that employers may be obligated to continue all benefits, including disability coverage, throughout a terminated employee’s entire severance period.  Those that do not may be exposed to significant risk if the terminated employee becomes disabled during that time.

Transition LTD is underwritten quickly and liberally.  In fact, there are fluid requirements for applicants age 45 or younger with no preexisting conditions applying for under $7,500 of monthly benefit. To get a quote for Transition LTD or to learn about other specialized insurance products contact us at SCORE Financial Services.

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