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Chambers Of Commerce Group Insurance Plans

Why Choose Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plans?

The Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan solves the biggest dilemma facing business owners today by providing affordable health insurance to employees.  According to a study by employment rating firm Glassdoor, 57% of people consider the benefits a company offers before accepting a job, with health care insurance at the top of the list.  Offering quality healthcare that brings value to employees is a must for recruiting good talent.  

Offering quality healthcare says something about your company culture by showing that you care about the health and well-being of your employees.  When businesses recognize that their greatest asset is their people, employees respond with loyalty and high-quality performance.  In this modern age of social media, people are not shy when it comes to publicly commenting on the company culture whether it is good or bad. Make sure that your comments and reviews reflect your culture and desire to offer the best benefits available.  

Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plans Delivered for Small Businesses

More than 25,000 small to mid-sized businesses are currently protecting their employees with comprehensive health care insurance through the Chambers of Commerce Group Plans.  With group benefits that include medical health insurance, dental, vision and life, the Chambers Plan is Canada’s #1 provider of benefits to small business owners.  

The Chambers Insurance Plans allow you to be in control of coverage, and costs.  With so many options available, it can be a daunting task to try to sort out what coverage is best for your employees.  The Chambers Plans allow you to match your insurance needs to your budget, with high quality options to choose from with very affordable rates.  All plans begin with employee life insurance, with additional health options that include: complementary illness, dental, vision, hearing screenings, disability, critical illness, Rx drug card and more.

Tailored to Small Businesses, Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plans have NO minimum size limit, a company of ONE employee qualifies for attractive small business rates with guaranteed coverage.      

Benefits to Business Owners with the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plans

Every small business owner dreads the renewal process for health insurance plans, with an increase in premiums. It’s not if your rates will go up, it’s by how much will they increase and hopefully not into the double digits.  The Chambers Plans have enjoyed a steady rate increase of only 4.4% for the last decade!  

Because the Chambers Plan is a not-for-profit business, all surplus capital stay in the Plan to help lower premiums.  Employer groups are pooled with other companies for claims and premiums, thus further promoting rate stability to valued employer members.  The Chambers Insurance Plans provide guaranteed approval and renewability, making it simple for employers to offer the best coverage and the most affordable rates.  

When you have a question for your insurance claims department, the last thing you want to do is wade through numerous automated phone menus. With the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plans, you receive personal attention with live phone service.   With My-benefits®, a secure online tool for plan administrators, you can save time and money with online plan management.  My-benefits allows you to add or remove employees, review coverage and premiums, calculate payroll deductions, print forms, books and ID cards, and so much more.

Business Assistance Services are included at no additional cost, which provides a wealth of information from lawyers, accountants, and HR professionals all available to answer difficult questions with unbiased guidance.

Benefits to Employees with the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plans

Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plans provide several benefits to your employees as well, making this a win-win combination for both employer and employees.  A wide network with the Best Doctor Plan provides access to the best doctors in the country, along with personal health management options for chronic illnesses.  

My-benefits® is also available to employees giving instant access to benefits, claims and much more.  This frees up your time as plan administrator, allowing employees to take control of their own health issues.  

Score Financial Services is an Exclusive Advisor for the Chambers Insurance Plans

As an exclusive advisor for the Chambers Insurance Plans, Score Financial Services will assist you with deciphering your coverage options and find the best value for you.  Business owners want to offer the best plan available to their employees, but it must be affordable.  Score Financial Services will help you match coverage to your budget to find your unique winning combination. Contact us for a Complimentary Analysis to learn all that the Chambers Insurance Plans have to offer you and your employees.  

Score Financial Services has more than twenty years of experience providing exemplary service to businesses with group insurance solutions.  Contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable insurance specialist for more information and to learn how the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plans provide affordable insurance coverage with value added services to you and your employees.   

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